Federal Programs

Federal Programs

Federal Programs include funding that comes from the federal government rather than state and local governments.  Federal money is "restricted", which means the district cannot always spend it where it might like to.  It can be spent only for certain things and those things are spelled out in "Title" programs.

Our district has six Title programs that are entitlement programs, which means we are "entitled" to the money if it is available.  We currently have one discretionary (competitive) grant.

Title IA - This program provides the largest amount of federal funding that our district receives on a regular basis.  It cannot be spent on regular classroom teachers.  It has to be spent primarily on improving students' reading and math skills.

REAP Flex - This is funding combined from three Title programs, which, by themselves, would be too small to make a lot of difference.  REAP Flex can pay for a classroom teacher under the right circumstances, but usually the amount is too small to pay a teacher's salary.  This is the funding that has paid for a lot of the school's technology.

Title IV - In the past, this small amount of funding was restricted to creating safe and drug-free schools.  This school year (2010-2011), the federal government has not put any money into this Title program.

ACE Remediation - This funding is specifically to remediate students, beginning in the seventh grade, who have failed an Oklahoma Core Curriculum Test (OCCT) or an End of Instruction (EOI) test.

Title VII - This money is restricted to serving Indian students.  This year, we have used this funding to create the position of Indian Education Specialist, which will be filled by Shayne Stone.  Ms. Stone will work with Indian students in several ways: tutoring, scholarship searches, and academic advisement.  She will also work with parents.

JOM (Johnson - O'Malley) - This small amount of money comes from the federal government through the Chickasaw Nation.  It must be spent on Indian students with Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood cards.

21st Century Community Learning Center Grant - This federal grant is discretionary, which means we competed with other schools across the State to get it.  The funding is primarily devoted to the afterschool program and lasts only five years.  The funding decreases by 20% in the fourth year and by 40% in the fifth year, after which it ends.  We are in our fourth year.