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About Fay Christian

My name is Mrs. Fay Christian, I have been teaching for fourteen years and have taught Third grade for eleven of those years.

I absolutely LOVE teaching. I enjoy seeing my students grow in mind, body and spirit!

I believe students live up to the teachers expectations, so I set my expectations very high and I have never had a class that did not meet the goals.

I believe parents are important to students education process and I try to involve parents in everything we do. I hope to create strong bonds between parents,students, and teachers.

I look forward to every day of every year, because I get to share in the lives of children and hopefully make a diference in the lives of future generations. I love helping my students learn life lessons as well as the skills needed to improve the education they will recieve.


If you have any questions drop me a line here, or on facebook, or even e-mail.

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