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About Fay Christian

My name is Mrs. Fay Christian, I have been teaching for ten years and have taught Third grade for nine of those years. I absolutely LOVE teaching. I enjoy seeing my students grow in mind, body and spirit!

I believe students live up to the teachers expectations, so I set my expectations very high and I have never had a class that did not meet the goals.

I believe parents are important to students education process and I try to involve parents in everything we do. I hope to create strong bonds between parents,students, and teachers.

I look forward to every day of every year, because I get to share in the lives of children and hopefully make a diference in the lives of future generations. I love helping my students learn life lessons as well as the skills needed to improve the education they will recieve.


If you have any questions drop me a line here, or on facebook, or even e-mail.

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comment posted by Shayna Ross on 02-06-2017
Mrs. Christian,
Hello! I am Kolter Hill's Mom, Shayna Ross. I met you on the first day of school, but haven't gotten to talk to you since then. Kolter's Dad was supposed to keep me informed on how he was doing in school, since Kolter is now living with his Dad, but, he doesn't communicate with me very well. I was hoping you could keep me updated as to his grades, field trips, any activities at school, his behavior, etc. My husband and I just moved to Stonewall and placed Kolter's younger sister in school here, as well. It has been very difficult for me since Kolter decided to go live with his Dad. I was used to knowing everything that went on with him and now I feel very out of the loop. Please feel free to email at any time.

Thank you so much,
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